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Soldier of fortune

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4' " (approximately)
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Mister Little suffers from pituitary dwarfism and is extremely short in stature. He also wears a monocle over his right eye.
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Mister Little was a soldier of fortune and a member of a loose-knit society of like-minded individuals known as the Collectors. Many years ago, Mister Little allied himself with the Black Panther who aided him in a quest to find the fabled Frogs of King Solomon. One frog possessed the ability to manipulate time, while the other possessed the ability to manipulate space. When used in combination, the two relics were capable of immense power.

Abner Little (Earth-616)
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Mister Little's quest for the Frogs brought him into conflict with a rival collector named Princess Zanda. During a struggle with the Princess, the Frogs were activated and opened a temporal portal that brought a humanoid from six million years in the future named Hatch-22 into this reality. During the ensuing scuffle with Hatch-22, Mister Little was shot in the chest. Fortunately, he was wearing a bulletproof vest and survived the gunshot.

Mister Little came to realize that the Frogs were too dangerous to remain in the hands of any collector. He consented to leave them in the care of the Black Panther and the two parted company.

Years later, Little tricked Iron Man into working for him.

Little reunited with the Black Panther, and together they found themselves once again embroiled in a feud with Princess Zanda for possession of the Frogs.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Mister Little is a shrewd businessman and negotiator. Although he is not a wantonly evil person, he is well known for his cuthroat tactics, and is not above murder to satisfy his greed. In nearly every instance, Mister Little has only killed those who would do him harm.

Strength level

Below Average: Mister Little's strength is proportionate to his height and weight.



Mister Little routinely dons a bulletproof kevlar vest, which he wears underneath of his pin-striped business attire.


Mister Little travels by way of a private helicopter.


Revolver and other assorted firearms.


  • Mister Little is left-handed.

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